Step 1: The Cash Surfing Network!

Step 1
I’d like to introduce you to the core programs that I believe will give you success. I co-own three of these sites. The other three sites are owned by Eric Goettman, a trusted friend and industry peer. By teaming up with Eric, the Cash Surfing Network was born. If your in for a little work and fun, the cash surfing network by itself can earn you a dollar a day simply by surfing guaranteed. There are plenty of additional cash prizes that can be won along the way. Now the great part about these sites is that you earn advertising power in additon to the cash that you are earning. The advertising power, or credits, can be used to advertise something that will earn you even more money. Here is where we beat many paid to clicks. We give you the addional advertising power to earn with. Also, as you may have already learned that paid to clicks are limited to the amount of advertisements available for the day to pay you. The cash surfing network blows away the amount of earnings in a day! So let’s check this free program out. It’s super easy to get started and even has a free sign up bonus. Currently, 555 pages at the Legacy sites awards .15 a piece and the Goettman sites award at least .15 guaranteed!

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Cash Surfing Network


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